Booster By-Laws 2020




Adopted 07-22-2019

Mission Statement

The Wildcat Boy's Lacrosse Boosters is responsible to provide financial support for the team, by collecting dues, and planning fundraisers. The booster club will support the players and coaches in character development and foster team spirit among the team and booster club members. The booster club will seek to provide players with a positive character building experience by honoring and respecting the sport and traditions of lacrosse, while emphasizing and encouraging the importance of academics. The booster club will encourage positive community involvement.

Article I- Organization Name

This organization shall be known as the Wildcat Boy's Lacrosse Boosters, Inc. hereinafter referred to as the “organization.” The Wildcat Boy's Lacrosse team will hereinafter be referred to as the “team.” 

Article II- Purpose 

The purpose of the organization shall be to:

1.     Organize, support, and promote the team and the sport of lacrosse as it impacts the students and athletes of Richmond Hill High School.

2.     Attending and organizing games and tournaments, providing encouragement and monetary means through dues, fund raising events, and donations, and by any other means as deemed necessary and appropriate and in accordance with RHHS policies.

3.     Assist the coaching staff as they build team skills, develop leadership abilities, and promote good sportsmanship and citizenship in our student athletes.

4.     Provide finances for team expenses such as but not limited to team equipment, uniforms, officiating costs, field costs, coaching stipends and expenses, league dues, and other associated expenses.

5.     Increase the visibility of lacrosse as a sport and facilitate communication between the organization, the coach, and the feeder programs.

6.     Promote academic achievement and leadership qualities among the players.

7.     Cooperate with and support the coaching staff and administrative staff Richmond Hill High School.

8.     To promote and encourage better attendance to all sports activities by the parents and friends of athletes, the students and faculty of the high school.

9.     Encourage recognition of lacrosse, the players, the coaches, and Richmond Hill High School.

Article III-Membership

1.     Membership shall be open to all parents and guardians of RHHS students enrolled on the team and all coaches of the team.

2.     Membership dues to the organization are due with registration application.

3.     When an athlete’s fee is paid in accordance with the schedule provided, on stated due dates, and all registration paperwork is submitted and complete, his family becomes a member in good standing and is eligible to vote in a general membership meeting (1 vote per registered player) and becomes eligible to hold office.

4.     Membership will be from the date of registration to the day prior to registration the following year.

5.     Member/Individual/Team Behavior-All GHSA rules apply, in addition to the RHHS Code of Conduct and the rules of the RHHS student handbook.

6.     Abusive, profane, or violent behavior or language by coaches, players, or fans and any organization of league function, may result in member/player suspension or expulsion for the team, school or league.

7.     Alcohol consumption is only authorized for specific adult centric and or fundraising like events.  For any other RHHS lacrosse related event, all intoxicating substances or intoxicated individuals are not permitted. Membership may be suspended, terminated, or reinstated by action of the Executive Board of directors for individual conduct on and off the field.

8.     Membership in this organization shall cease automatically upon a member’s player ceasing to be a member of the team, or no longer being a member of the coaching staff.

Article IV- Organization Meetings

1.     There will be monthly general meetings during the year. The last meeting will be held in April at the season’s end and will include the election of new executive officers for the following year.

2.     Additional general meetings of the organization shall be at the discretion of the executive board or by petition of 25% of the members in good standing. 

3.     Voting shall be a simple majority vote of the members present at the vote.

Article V- Elected Officers & Responsibilities

Section 5.1.     Elected Officers

1.     The elected Officers of the organization shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising and Marketing Director, and Director of Support Operations 

2.     The duties of all offices must be fulfilled.

1.     The elected officers will hereinafter be referred to as the “Executive Board.”

2.     The Head Coach of the team is entitled to be a rightful constituent of the executive board.

3.     The coach will serve as an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the executive board.

4.     The RHHS Principal and Athletic director are also extended ex-officio membership.

5.     Elected officers must give thirty days written notice of resignation.

6.     Elected officers will maintain written records and share these records with their successors.

Section 5.2.     Duties of the President:  The President shall be but are not limited to:

1.     Preside over all business meetings of the organization and the executive board.

2.     Prepare the agenda for all meetings of the organization and the board.

3.     Shall work with the coach to ensure coordination of organization functions between the school calendar, events and game/practice schedules.

4.     Appoint all committees (temporary and permanent) except the elected officers.

5.     Be an authorized signatory on checks.

Section 5.3.     Duties of the Vice President:  The Vice President shall be but are not limited to:

1.     Preside in the absence of the president, and assist the president in all duties. 

2.     In the event of vacancy, succeed to the presidency for the remainder of the term.

3.     Responsible for coordinating with the coach all travel arrangements and negotiations for the team for out of town tournaments, etc.

4.     Shall serve as the director of Team Captains' actions and ensure all communication is being properly shared to the entire team.

5.     Help drive club actions through the Team Captains.

6.     Be an authorized signatory on checks.

Section 5.4.     Duties of the Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall be but are not limited to:

1.     Collect the membership dues, and have care and custody of all funds. 

2.     Establish a yearly budget, keep records of all funds, including receipts, budgets, invoices, and paid receipts.

3.     Keep an accurate list of all funds that have been authorized for use but have not yet been purchased or ordered.

4.     Present a financial statement at the general meetings and executive board meetings.

5.     Compile and execute any tax applications or returns as required by federal or state law.

6.     Have full access to bank account to monitor, balance, report, and print statements.

7.     Make disbursements as directed by the Executive Board within the guidelines of the budget.

8.     Will write but not sign checks. 

9.     Any disbursement of $500.00 or greater will require two signatures of board other than Treasurer.

Section 5.5.     Duties of the Secretary:  The Secretary shall be but are not limited to:

1.     Keep the written records of the membership and attendance of all meetings of the organization

2.     Keep and distribute minutes of all meetings.

3.     Maintain the newsletter to be sent to the membership following executive board meetings.4. Maintain the Facebook site, website and be responsible for all letters of thanks or other correspondence to those in the community who contribute to the success of team.

4.     Maintain updated versions of the By-Laws and forms.

5.     Maintain an inventory of all property owned or controlled by the association.

6.     Serve as the main contact for all membership.

7.     Be an authorized signatory on checks.

Section 5.6     Duties of the Fundraising and Marketing Director:  duties shall be but are not limited to:

1.     Oversee the development and execution of fund raising and volunteering activities to support the organization and team.

2.     Develop and implement a fund-raising plan for the organization which will achieve the goals for the organization.

3.     Recruit and oversee the volunteers for events and activities of the organization.

4.     To work in partnership with the Secretary to distribute announcements, with Volunteer Coordinator to fill volunteer needs, and Treasurer to deposit funds raised and funds needed to meet organization's needs.

5.     Ensure all volunteers have completed the BSC volunteer training required by the state of GA.

Section 5.7.    Duties of the Director of Support Operations:  duties shall be but are not limited to:

1.     Manages all elements of support within the organization.

2.     Manages recruitments, placement and training of volunteers to paint and maintain facilities/practice areas and equipment.

Article V1. Election Terms

1.     The executive board will develop a slate of officers for the following term. At the spring meeting of the organization, members will be presented with the board’s recommendation, ask for volunteers and take nominations from the floor for each office. The slate will be voted on by the Membership at the general meeting in the spring.

2.     Officers shall be elected for a term of one year. The term of office shall be from May 1st-April 30th.

3.     No member shall hold more than one elected office at one time.

4.     No officer shall be a spouse or family member of another officer. (Spouses may share in the duties of a single position, but may only cast one vote for those position)

5.     Vacancies occurring in an elected office shall be filled by appointment by the President and with 2/3 approval by the Executive Board.

6.     In the event the office of the President shall become vacant, the Vice President shall serve the remainder of the term and shall appoint a replacement to the office of VP as stated above.

7.     Any officer appointed to fill a midterm vacancy shall serve the unexpired portion of the term and then must stand for re-election within the guidelines of these bylaws.

8.     To be elected to the Executive Board, a candidate must be a member in good standing and have a player on the team.

Article VII-Meetings of the Executive Board

1.     Meetings of the executive board will be held monthly to review the business of the organization.

2.     Emergency executive board meetings may be called by the president.

3.     Motions brought before the Executive Board must be presented, seconded, and pass with a simple majority of affirmative vote. (four of six)

Article VIII-Budget and Finances

1.     The fiscal year of the organization shall be from May 1 – April and in compliance.

2.     The budget shall be developed and approved by the executive board. Once approved the budget shall be presented to the membership of the organization.

3.     The executive board may authorize expenditures of funds outside the scope of the budget when it is deemed in the best interest of the team and the organization with a supporting vote of at least four (of six) Executive Board members.  Votes must be logged by the Secretary in the Board Meeting notes even if the decision was made during interim discussion between board meetings. (email correspondence is acceptable documentation of Board votes)

4.     All budgets, ledgers, receipts, and disbursements shall be documented and maintained by the treasurer.

Article IX- Amendments

1.     These By-laws may be amended after approval of the executive board and a majority vote of the membership of the organization present at a scheduled organization meeting.

Article X-Dissolution of the Organization

1.     Upon formal dissolution, the net assets of the Organization shall be distributed to RHHS Principal for athletic department distribution.

Richmond Hill High School Wildcat Boys Lacrosse Executive Board

June 2019 – May 2020

President – Jeffrey DiMarzio

Vice President – Michael Flynn

Secretary – Mindi Casella

Treasurer – Victoria Leahy

Fundraising and Marketing Director – Jennifer and Jeremy Diers

Director of Support Operations – Mitchel Huggins