Wildcat Boy's Release Forms

Wildcat Boys Lacrosse Club Consent, Release & Indemnity Agreement 2017-2018


We, the undersigned, for and in consideration of providing the undersigned Player with the opportunity to participate in the Wildcat Boys Lacrosse Club, do hereby unconditionally release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Wildcat Boys Lacrosse Club, or any other person, coach, volunteer or entity employed by or associated with them from any type of and all claims for personal injury, death, property damage or any type of claim or damage [including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees and litigation expenses] resulting from or arising out of the undersigned Player’s participation in the sport of lacrosse or transportation to and from events with the Wildcat Boys Lacrosse Club for the 2017-2018 season.


We, the undersigned, hereby consent and grant to the coach or volunteers of the Wildcat Boys Lacrosse Club with express authority and discretion, but not the requirement, to provide any medical or emergency services needed by the undersigned parent being financially responsible for such services.


The undersigned represents that the Player is physically and psychologically able and prepared to participate in the sport of lacrosse, and they understand and accept the fact that sports, including lacrosse, involve risk of injury and bodily harm, including paralysis and death, which risks the undersigned voluntarily and knowingly assume.


This ___________ day of _____________, 201__.



_________________________                            ___________________________

Player Signature                                                      Parent/Guardian Signature


_________________________                            ___________________________

Player Printed Name                                               Parent/Guardian Printed Name                P.4






Wildcat Boys Lacrosse Club Medical/Liability Release Form 2017-2018


I, ________________________________, authorize a member of the Savannah Lacrosse

 Club to provide emergency treatment of any injury and/or illness of my child,

 _______________________, and release said member of any liability.




Phone:___________________________           Cell: _____________________________


Family physician: ________________________________ Phone:___________________


Pre-existing conditions: _____________________________________________________

Allergies: ________________________________________________________________

Medications being taken: ____________________________________________________

Other emergency contacts: __________________________________________________

Preferred hospital: _________________________________________________________


Insurance information: Name:___________________________________________________________________

Policy #: _____________________  Group #: ______________  ID#:_________________


I understand this informed consent and release of liability form and agree to its conditions on behalf of my child.


Parent/Guardian Signature ________________________________


                                       Date __________________ 

Practice Pennie Agreement

Wildcat Boys Lacrosse Club

2016 Practice Pinny Agreement




Wildcat Boys Lacrosse Club Pinny Agreement:

To receive a Practice Pinny the undersigned Player and Parent must have Booster dues ($50.00) paid in full, a signed waiver and signed Pinny agreement.




Please Print Clearly

Player's Information:


Name: _________________________________________________________________________________


Age: ________  DOB: _______________  Grade: _________


Home Address: ________________________________________________________________________________


State: ______________  Zip Code: _______________ 


Email: _________________________________________________________________________________


Cell: ______________________________  Other Contact Number: _________________________________



Parent's information


Name (s): _______________________________________________________________________________


Cell phones: _____________________________________________________________________________


Work phones: ____________________________________________________________________________


Emails: _________________________________________________________________________________


Emails: _________________________________________________________________________________


If not returned at the end of season or dismissal from the team the undersigned agrees to pay $30 to Wildcat Boys Lacrosse Booster Inc. 


Player Signature________________________________              Date _______________________



Parent Signature _________________________________           Date ________________________                           



                WBLC is a volunteer run organization that seeks to promote the great game of lacrosse and provide our youth an opportunity to play lacrosse in a wholesome and safe environment that stresses good sportsmanship and fair play.  All WBLB executive board members and coaches are volunteers.  The best interests of the players will always be the priority.